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When is the Google Street View car coming?

What is Google Street View and when is the Street View Car coming?

The Google Street View Car will be coming to various locations without a publicly available schedule. It captures 360° images for virtual tours on Google Maps, and businesses can leverage it by ensuring an appealing exterior. Tracking is challenging due to privacy considerations.

Google Street View, as a part of Google Maps, provides users a 360° horizontal and 290° vertical panoramic view from a given point on any street worldwide. Its unique feature set brings the real world right to your fingertips, giving you the ability to virtually explore cities, businesses and landmarks from the comfort of your home. In this article we hope to let you know that all important question just when is the Street View car coming…

How does Google Street View work?

The Google Street View car, equipped with a roof-mounted camera system, captures 360-degree images while traversing the streets. These images are stitched together to create a virtual landscape, providing an interactive view to the end users.

when is the street view car coming

When is the Street View car coming to my area?

As a resident or business owner in the UK, you might be wondering, “when is the street view car coming?” Google’s real-time schedule for the Street View car is not publicly available due to logistical and privacy considerations. However, Google does periodically update its street views, so keep your eyes peeled! Some help on when is the Street View car coming can be found here

Why is the schedule of Google Street View Car important?

The visit of the Google Street View car is an opportunity for businesses to ensure they’re looking their best. It’s a chance to attract potential customers by showing an up-to-date, appealing storefront or office space.

Case Study: Impact of Google Street View on Businesses

A restaurant in London, for example, noticed an increase in footfall after the Google Street View Car updated its images showing their revamped exterior. Such is the power of a virtual first impression!

Google Street View Car: Tracking its movements

In the past, Google used to provide a map showing areas where the Street View car would be collecting data. However, due to various reasons, this feature is no longer available. Instead, Google now updates Street View on a rolling basis without a published schedule.

How to track the Google Street View Car?

While there’s no definitive way to track the Google Street View car, you can stay informed by regularly checking the dates of the images on Google Maps and keeping an eye out for when is the Street View car coming by asking friends and family to let you know if they see the car about, usually people will say I saw it or I’m gonna be famous etc.

Google Trusted Agency: Supplementing Street View

While the Street View car is crucial in updating Google Maps, there is another service that helps businesses stand out – the Google Trusted Agency.

Who are Google Trusted Photographers?

Google Trusted Photographers are users of camera equipment that can take photos of areas, streets and businesses and add them to Google Maps. These pictures can include 360-degree photos, interior shots, and more. 

How can Google Trusted Photographers enhance your business presence online?

With the help of a Google Trusted Photographer, you can control the narrative. The images they capture can showcase your business at its best, rather than relying on the infrequent updates by the Google Street View car.

Making the most of Google Street View and Trusted Photographer Services

To make the most out of these services, ensure your business looks its best, both physically and online at all times. Work with a Google Trusted Photographer to capture stunning, up-to-date images of your business and regularly check Google Maps for image updates. Ask friends and family to look out for the Street View car in your area to find when is the street view car coming.

Strategies for businesses to leverage Google Street View

Create a visually appealing storefront, maintain clean sidewalks, and ensure your signage is clear and legible. This will give potential customers a positive first impression when viewing your business on Street View.

Leveraging Google Trusted Photographers for better online visibility

Work with a Trusted Photographer to create a comprehensive virtual tour of your business. This can help your business stand out on Google Maps and improve your online visibility. It also helps with the bounce rate on your website and creates a reciprocal link between Google and your business increasing your trust value and therefore ranking potential.


Understanding “when is the street view car coming” can be challenging due to the lack of a publicly available schedule. However, by using the services of a Google Trusted Photographer and keeping an eye on the dates of the images on Google Maps, you can make the most of Google Street View. It’s all about making your business shine in the virtual world as much as it does in the physical one.

FAQs on when is the Street View car coming..

Q1: Can I request the Google Street View car to visit my location? A: Unfortunately, Google doesn’t take requests for Street View car visits. Its schedule is determined by a variety of factors including updates needed, privacy concerns, and logistical considerations.

Q2: How often does Google Street View update its images? A: In answer to the question over when is the Street View car coming, Google doesn’t publish a schedule for updates. However, it’s estimated that updates occur approximately every 2-3 years, varying by region and necessity.

Q3: How can a Google Trusted Photographer benefit my business? A: Google Trusted Photographers provide high-quality, updated images of your business inside and on the pavement at the front. These images, which include virtual tours and interior shots, can greatly enhance your online presence and visibility. Google may connect the internal and external photographed by a Google Trusted Photographer into the actual Street View arrows/ blue line but this is under their control to do so.

Q4: How can I become a Google Trusted Photographer? A: Google used to have a certification process that you would need to go through to become a Trusted Photographer. It includes meeting specific equipment requirements, taking imagery Google was happy with and then passing a certification exam. This no longer exists and nowadays anyone who can take 360 images using a basic low end camera can do this so be careful when researching that the equipment used is of a decent standard and the photographer has experience.

Q5: How do I check the date of Google Street View images? A: You can check the date of Street View images by clicking on the image in question and looking for a date stamp in the bottom left corner.

Q6: What if I am on a private road? A: At present the Street View car will not cover private roads and estates, if there are old images this would be before they stopped or were not aware, there is a process on Google to ask for private roads to be removed but not to add them.

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