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Immersive Virtual Tour Overlays: A Look into TourDash, Matterport, and GoThru

Immersive virtual tour overlays provide an enriching and interactive experience for viewers navigating a virtual tour. They enhance functionality, allowing users to interact with multimedia elements and gather more information about specific features within the virtual space. This article delves into three popular platforms for virtual tour overlays: TourDash, Matterport, and GoThru.

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TourDash Virtual Tour Overlay

TourDash is a versatile tool that enhances Google Street View virtual tours by adding interactive overlays. Businesses can create custom navigation menus, embed informational hotspots, incorporate multimedia content, and more. This customization enhances the user experience, encouraging viewers to spend more time exploring the tour. TourDash also offers analytics tools, helping businesses understand viewer engagement and optimise their virtual tours for better results.

Matterport Virtual Tour Overlay

Matterport is known for creating 3D virtual tours, but its capabilities go beyond just visualization. One significant feature is Mattertag Content, an overlay option that allows businesses to anchor text descriptions, multimedia content, or even URLs to specific points within the tour. This feature is particularly valuable for businesses looking to highlight certain features or provide additional details within their virtual tours. Matterport also supports virtual reality (VR), providing an immersive viewing experience.

Go Thru Virtual Tour Overlay

GoThru is a powerful platform for creating and publishing Google Street View virtual tours. Alongside these capabilities, GoThru offers a tool called GoThru Overlay, which allows businesses to enhance their virtual tours with interactive features. Businesses can add navigation buttons, informational pop-ups, video or audio content, and even e-commerce features to their tours. GoThru also supports VR, making it a versatile choice for businesses seeking an immersive and interactive virtual tour solution.

In conclusion, immersive virtual tour overlays are essential for creating engaging and informative virtual tours. Platforms like TourDash, Matterport, and GoThru make it easier for businesses to add these overlays, improving user experience and ultimately contributing to their online marketing success. Whether a business wants to highlight product details, share informative content, or guide viewers through their space, these overlay tools can help them achieve their goals.


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