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Is Google Virtual Tour Free?

Introduction: Is Google Virtual Tour Free?

The Google Virtual Tour is free only in the DIY approach, but it requires a 360 camera and software like Google Street View. Professional virtual tours are created at a cost.

A Google virtual tour is a 360-degree view of a business or property that can be accessed online. Virtual tours can be used to showcase a business’s products or services, or to give potential customers a virtual tour of a property before they visit in person.

Creating a Google virtual tour can be done either by yourself or by a professional. DIY Google virtual tours can be created using a 360 camera and software like Google Street View. Professional Google virtual tours are created by companies that specialize in virtual tour photography and design.

is google virtual tour free

DIY Google Virtual Tours

DIY Google virtual tours can be a cost-effective way to create a virtual tour for your business or property. However, it is important to note that DIY virtual tours can be time-consuming and difficult to create, and the results may not be as professional as a tour created by a professional.

If you are considering creating a DIY Google virtual tour, here are a few things you will need:

  • A 360 camera
  • Software like Google Street View
  • Time and patience

Once you have all of the necessary equipment, you can start creating your virtual tour. Here are a few tips:

  • Take high-quality photos with your 360 camera.
  • Make sure your photos are well-lit and free of distractions.
  • Use Google Street View software to stitch your photos together and create a virtual tour.
  • Publish your virtual tour on your website or social media.

So is Google Virtual Tour Free If budget is your main reason behind soing it yourself, contact us today as we have multiple payment option.

Professional Google Virtual Tours

If you are looking for a more professional-looking virtual tour, you may want to consider hiring a professional virtual tour company. Professional virtual tour companies have the experience and expertise to create high-quality virtual tours that will impress potential customers.

When hiring a professional virtual tour company, here are a few things to keep in mind:.

  • Ask to see examples of previous work.
  • Make sure the company is insured.
  • Get everything in writing, including the price, the scope of work, and the timeline.

So is Google Virtual Tour free?

Google virtual tours are a great way to showcase your business or property to potential customers. Whether you choose to create a DIY Google virtual tour or hire a professional virtual tour company, a virtual tour can be a valuable marketing tool for your business. Either way the question of is Google Virtual Tour free? which can simply be answered with a no. There is a cost for equipment and software as well as in time to learn the process and then there is no guarantee of success so if in doubt call in the professionals.

If you are interested in learning more about our Google virtual tour services, please contact us today.

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