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How to Create a 360 Virtual Tour

Introduction - How to Create a 360 Virtual Tour

360 virtual tours represent an innovative way to showcase locations and spaces digitally. They’re especially relevant for businesses, real estate, tourism, and educational sectors, offering immersive, interactive experiences to viewers worldwide.

Understanding 360 Virtual Tours

Understanding virtual tours is the perfect first step in answering the question: how to create a 360 virtual tour? A 360 virtual tour is a digital simulation of a location, composed of a sequence of videos or still images. It allows users to explore a space remotely as if they were physically present. Businesses increasingly use these tours to showcase their premises, enhancing customer engagement. They offer various benefits, including increased accessibility, customer convenience, and detailed visual representation.

how to create a 360 virtual tour

Equipment and Tools Needed

To create a 360 virtual tour, essential equipment includes a 360° camera and a tripod. Trusted Photography, as a professional service provider, can provide a high quality tour which will be an exciting addition to your website.

Planning Your 360 Virtual Tour

Planning is crucial for a successful 360 virtual tour. Creating a detailed shot list ensures a comprehensive and engaging tour, allowing your potential clients to get a look inside your business.

Creating the Virtual Tour

After Trusted Photography take the specialist 360 photos, they are expertly stitched together into one continuous, interactive tour. This process can include everything from editing to adding interactive links. Once your tour is compiled and refined, it can be added to your website.

Publishing and Sharing the Tour

Your tour, once completed, can be shared through various channels, like your website, google and social media platforms, which will help it to reach your potential clients.

Marketing Your 360 Virtual Tour

Market your virtual tour effectively using social media and email marketing. Trusted Photography can provide professional quality and marketing assistance to ensure your tour reaches and impresses your target audience.


Trusted Photography can assist in each step of creating a 360 virtual tour, from planning to marketing, ensuring a professional and impactful final product. Get in touch today and talk to the experts about how to create a 360 virtual tour.

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