Google trials new Facebook and Google My Business connections

Google using Facebook for GMB Listings

How Google populates your business listing

Google is constantly getting smarter, using machine learning to figure out algorithims within its users thinking and trying to determine what we want to see before we see it. In a bid to become the world’s leading business directory, Googe My Business (formerly Google Places) is a way of tying in the most popular search engine, Google, and the most popular maps tool, Google Maps; providing an easy-to-use experience for its users to navigate local businesses with information at their fingertips, all whilst staying within the Google hemisphere. 

When a new business listing is created, the information it shows depends entirely on its method of creation. Where a business owner actively creates a Google listing through Google My Business (GMB), the information shown will be whatever they put in, so addresses, phone numbers, websites etc. will all be generated from the input of the listing creator. The other form of creation is an organic one, this is where nobody has requested creation of a listing, but using tools such as Companies House, Yell, and various other directories, Google determines that a business does indeed exist at a certain address and will populate information for this business based on what is available across the directories and websites it crawls. 


What is in store for this technology?

The above tweet, posted earlier this month, shows that Google has begun pulling even more information from Facebook, seemingly using information from posts to populate listing data such as ‘Business Owner’.

Google showcases new information from Facebook
The post Google cited for its data

Whilst the use of Facebook to connect dots on a businesses credentials isn’t uncommon for Google, the use of posts as a source for this data shows that machine learning might have begun looking at sources to influence its data outside of typical page information. 

Google have not made any official announcements regarding this just yet, however it is typical to trial new features across US listings, and then introduce them globally if it proves consistently reliable and succesful in how it utilises the data. 

Whatever the case, this news is certainly good news for the future of GMB, showcasing the advancing technology being invested into by Google. If you’re looking to make sure your listing is up to date and optimised, check out our Google My Business section on the website.

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