A great way to bring your tour to life on your website and Facebook is to add a Virtual Tour overlay.

Think of a customer walking through your tour and being able to click and buy items off the shelves! or imagine a customer browsing through the tour and being able to pull up information on your services, or even a video.

The virtual tour overlay software includes:

  • Integrated detailed statistics – find out things such as how many views your tour gets or where the commonly viewed areas of your business are.
  • Dynamic Hotspots – add your own pop ups within the tour so customers can click and view a video, text or a follow a call to action to a booking page or a contact form.
  • Audio capability – music can be added from the selection provided or you can upload your own, and you can even include a voice-over (which we can have professionally recorded, or you can add your own mp3)
  • Customised navigation – browse the tour using carousel type photo buttons or via a top left drop down menu
  • Auto-rotation – the tour automatically rotates (with controllable speed)
  • Auto-flick through panoramas – the tour automatically plays through and auto rotates distinct areas of the business.
  • Branding – your own business logo on menu and bottom right (if required).
  • SEO Optimisation – meta tag the page to ensure it is search friendly.
  • Backup of pervious settings – restore the tour overlay to an earlier saved version.
  • Floorplan addition – allow customers to navigate by selecting areas on the floorplan
  • Multiple user accounts – add multiple log ins to the account