Virtual Reality


How would your business benefit from an app that can transport your potential customers inside your business or be able to showcase your workmanship in virtual reality?

Global search interest in Virtual Reality on Google grew by nearly 4x in the past year.

The future is here now and according to KZER Worldwide the Virtual Reality industry will grow to a whopping $5.2 billion by 2018. Of course there isn’t just Google Cardboard, there’s Oculus Rift (from Facebook), Samsung, LG, HTC and even Sony are getting in on this technology. And don’t think this is just for gamers either. It’s Volvo recently ran a marketing campaign sending out Volvo branded cardboard headsets to potential buyers of their newest models –Find out more. McDonalds also ran a campaign giving away Cardboard as a Happy Meal box – Find out more.

Many businesses run trade and local networking events, so Google Cardboard is the perfect way to attract and engage customers, ensuring your business catches attention with all eyes on your product or service.  Companies such as Google  and I am cardboard offer both customised and branded solutions.

As a tradesman you may want to show customers your workmanship, so what better way than a 360 degree view and a Google Cardboard headset to showcare your talents.

Then there are other types of business who may benefit out of public interest. The recent photoshoot at Abbey Road studios is now available on Google Cardboard – Find out more.

All the Google Street View tours are Google Cardboard compatible as are the panospheres and individual views we also supply. All you need to unfold your adventure is a good fairly recent smart phone, a cardboard headset and a Google Street View Tour inside your business, contact us today to find out more.


Virtual Reality has real applications for your business.

Virtual Reality will transport viewers to a place and immerse them in a world they feel compelled to explore.

According to a study form Ericsson Consumer Lab, shopping is the top reason, worldwide that smartphone users are interested in Virtual Reality, with “seeing items in real size and form when shopping online” cited by 64% or respondents. This doesn’t just apply to retail, Cadillac in the USA is already using Virtual Reality, see story here.

Making sure your visual information is up to date, interesting and relevant is all important in the Virtual Reality world.