Google Street View Update: GMB Integration!


The latest update from Google Maps now allows you to bring up business information from their Google My Business without leaving the Google Maps Streetview service.

You may have noticed when browsing down Google Maps Street View that there are ‘tapable annotations’ at street-level outside each business which allow you to easily bring up contact information and more for that business. The importance and emphasis this now puts on getting your Google My Business listing right and keeping it up to date is key, especially as we start to see more of a shift toward the visual directory.

The ‘pins’ that used to only appear from overhead maps are now embedded firmly in Google Maps Street View as clickable icons, allowing the end user the freedom to explore Google Maps Street View and bring up information on places within it at the same time.The innovation surrounding AR and VR continues to press on it seems and we all will benefit from this new and exciting way to navigate an area and the businesses in it before we visit. This is particularly pertinent given the times we now live in and that before we venture out, we can now see everything about a place before we go especially if that place or business has its own internal Street View to navigate within that same ecosphere. I wonder how else this service might be used in future? Houses for sale perhaps listed as you come across them on Google Maps Street View.

The pins have different logos in them that typically relate to the business type, ie a knife and fork or coffee cup signify somewhere to eat, a handbag or shopping trolley represent a retail business, a £ sign for a bank and an envelope for a Post Office. These buttons can be hovered over to bring up the name of the business and their review score and then clicked on to expand for further information from their Google My Business listing.
This service only seems to appear when browsing on a PC at the moment but has now rolled out to more areas. I suspect this or a mobile version of it will roll out to mobiles on the next update for them which could potentially be a game changer in the online directory market.

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